SPA rituals

SPA rituals include wraps with cosmetics.

Relaxing Polynesian journey with Thalion

Polynesia brings to mind a calm and transparent sea, sweet-scented flora, Monoi oil… and bodies caressed by the sun. The ambience of these paradisiacal islands is a temptation to take time for oneself, allowing to relax and experience renovating rituals.

The ritual allows to achieve deep relaxation of body and muscles. Subcutaneous microcirculation is improving, mineral balance is restoring. Unique ingredients help strengthen and rejuvenate the skin.

Skin becomes elastic, its protective features are enhanced.

Slimming wrapping with STYX

A unique method of “bandaging” or wet swaddling for slim and firmed silhouette .

During the treatment, you will feel the mild heat, alternating with a pleasant coolness, a surge of strength and energy. Swaddling – or wet wraps, are absolutely organic. With combination application by your needs:

  • Cool & Hot with rose helps to fight against a stubborn cellulite. It has a restorative and antioxidant effect, stimulates microcirculation, activates the metabolism. Can be applicable during pregnancy for prevention appearing stretch marks.
  • Freshness and lightness application is developed for treating of vein problems and spider veins, for swollen and painful legs.
  • Royal application with caviar cream for lifting effect

Perfect silhouette

The program includes Styx cool and hot wrap and one hour of anti-cellulite massage. During the treatment you will feel soft heat, alternating with pleasant coolness, a surge of strength and energy. Styx wrapping helps reduce body fat and cellulite, strengthening blood vessels, reduce appetite, effectively detox the skin, prevent and reduce appearance of stretch marks, improve skin tone. The sessions of body wraps in combination with anti-cellulite massages give amazing results for body shaping.

As a result tighten, lifted and elastic skin, without effect of “orange peel”.

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