ResurFX + IPL Photo fractional rejuvenation

This procedure is a complete skin rejuvenation treatment, combining IPL and fractional laser technologies and making your skin firmer, smooth and tighten.

What kind of procedure, what are its advantages?

Photo fractional rejuvenation allows you to replace old cellular structures with new ones that contain a sufficient amount of collagen and elastin. The procedure is popular for its effectiveness and quick results. The technique is suitable not only for women with age-related skin changes, but also for young girls with epidermal defects.

Broadband pulsed light (IPL-module) uses for 3D skin rejuvenation: thermolifting (skin remodeling), removal of pigment and vascular defects. The second module of the technique (ResurFX) – fractional laser – works with skin relief. Wrinkles are smoothed, scars are corrected, the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic. This method, combining photorejuvenation, phototherapy and fractional laser rejuvenation, gives a lasting long-term result of skin renewal.

– A painless procedure with a minimal recovery period. Puffiness, redness and flaking of the skin are observed for only a few days. Unlike, for example, classical laser resurfacing, when rehabilitation lasts up to two weeks.

– Unique technology combining two laser techniques IPL and ResurFX

– Photo fractional rejuvenation – like Photoshop for your skin: the skin becomes firm, with an evened tone, no visible pores and no wrinkles.

What problems does it solve (testimony)?

From modern laser methods, photo fractional rejuvenation provides an unique opportunity to solve a wide range of problems in one session. The treatment removes pigmentation and corrects vascular defects, remodels the dermis, corrects wrinkles and scars, tightens pores, removes oily shine and lifts the skin.

How is the procedure going?

Photo fractional treatment can be described as a comprehensive non-surgical rejuvenation. This is a completely unique procedure that combines phototherapy (IPL technology) and fractional laser (ResurFX laser). It is performed on a multifunctional modular system that replaces a few lasers. During the procedure, two technologies are applied simultaneously: IPL skin resurfacing and ResurFX to treat skin tone and texture. None of the known non-invasive technologies guarantees such an effective and long-term improvement of the skin structure as the photo fractional rejuvenation program.

The essence of the technique is the effect of pulsed light on collagen fibers, the energy heats them up and stimulates compaction. The result is toned skin, a smoother and healthier complexion and improved skin texture. The ResurFX Fractional Laser stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the skin.

What are the results of the procedure?

1) Smoothes wrinkles, provides a long-lasting lifting effect

2) eliminates hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tone

3) improves the relief and oiliness of the skin

4) narrow pores

5) improves skin tone

6) reduces post-acne (scars).

When will I see the results?

After the first session, you can notice an improvement in skin tone. Photofraction procedure (IPL + ResurFX) is usually performed once every 1.5-2 months. On average, the course is 2-5 procedures 1 time in 1.5-2 months. 

The exact number of sessions, indications and contraindications will be determined by your doctor at the consultation, depending on individual indications. The face takes on a completely new look: wrinkles are smoothed out, the face tone is smoothed out, the pores are narrowed, the tone is increased and a clear outline appears. Within the six months after the procedure, improvements can be seen.


  • oncological diseases
  • period of pregnancy and lactation
  • infectious and acute inflammatory skin diseases
  • photodermatitis
  • epilepsy
  • herpes
  • active tan

Skin care after the procedure

  1. Discomfort in the treatment area (burning, redness, swelling, bruising, crusting) can persist for 1 to 7 days.
  2. After the treatment, the vessels can immediately stick together, darken (due to blood coagulation) and / or rupture (a small bruise is formed).
  3. Darkening of the age spot after the procedure is normal. The damaged pigment should peel off within 7-14 days.
  4. After procedure I one of the indicated preparations Panthenol-spray, Bepanthem cream or Cicaplast B5 50 spf should be used for 4-7 days 2-3 times a day. Also follow other concomitant prescriptions made by the doctor.
  5. For 2 weeks, it is necessary to avoid thermal procedures (sauna, hot baths, etc.), as well as to exert any traumatic effects on the skin (mechanical, chemical peels and dermabrasion)
  6. Due to the increased sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light, which may occur after the laser procedure, it is necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight on the skin for 4 weeks or use sunscreen with a protection factor of 30-50, renewing the cream every 2-3 hours.
  7. Make-up can be applied after 48 hours.
  8. In case of any complications, you should immediately contact your doctor and follow his instructions.
  9. Cosmetological face cleansing can be carried out no earlier than 14 days after this procedure.

Photos Before and After

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