Neoplasms, birthmarks, moles removal

The CO2 Laser is a very effective method to remove big, unsightly, and bothersome benign moles from your face and body without scars.


The treatment is suitable for all those who suffer from annoying skin lesions, warts, fibromas, nevi, papillomas and birthmarks. These neoplasms are not only aesthetically unfavorable, but they also cause discomfort. In addition, some types of the growths are also desirable to be removed as they are caused by the HPV virus and can be spread by the contact path or infect other people. Prevention plays indispensable role as well; some spots may appear harmless, however a dangerous melanoma could be revealed by a dermatologist only.


The treatment is not limited by age or gender; it can be done year round, although colder months are preferred. Intense solar radiation on a laser-treated area is not desirable. You should not undergo the treatment if you have an acute viral infection.

How does it work?

AcuPulse is a complex high-tech device for all the needs of aesthetic dermatology. Laser pulses are aimed to the nearest millimetre at a localized neoplasm which is vaporized by their activity. The wound does not bleed, therefore sewing is not required. The treatment is extremely gentle, precise and safe.

Treatment results

  • Minimally invasive, efficient and painless treatment that removes beauty blemishes
  • The treatment is gentle; the skin regenerates quickly without scars
  • Outpatient, time-saving treatment without the need to remove stitches

Photos Before and After

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