Our massage therapies ease your tired muscles, purify the body and soothe your skin, but also promote balance and harmony for your mind and body.

Classic massage

One of the most modern methods of treatment and prevention of many diseases. This is a manual massage of the entire surface of the body (general massage) or its individual zones (local massage). Depending on the duration of the impact and the applied force, classic massage can be both relaxing and tonic.

Classic massage not only relieves pain, swelling, normalizes the functions of organs and systems, but also accelerates the regeneration processes of injured tissues, restores muscle tone, increases the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system, exerting a general strengthening effect on the body

Duration 60/90 min

Lymphatic drainage massage

This is the safest type of massage. It stimulates the removal of excess fluid and waste products from the body. Because of a sedentary lifestyle,  the lymph stagnates, which entails vasospasm, varicose veins and a deterioration in general well-being.

The procedure can be performed both by hand and with the help of special devices. Lymphatic drainage massage heals the body and helps to strengthen the immune system, although most often it is done for an aesthetic effect. At the same time, reducing cellulite and subcutaneous fat, increasing skin elasticity are side effects, and not the main goal. The procedure helps to remove fine wrinkles and cellulite, gives a general strengthening effect. Massage can be superficial (work with capillaries), projection (involves areas with lymph nodes) and deep (therapeutic massage for special indications). 

Duration 60/90 min

Sports massage

Sports massage is a separate type of manipulation aimed at muscles and joints. It is specially designed for people with active lifestyles and strenuous physical activity. The special technique of performing sports massage helps to prepare the body for heavy loads. Muscles and joints are stretched in such a way as to fully reveal their functionality. For those who want to achieve better results, this procedure is no less important than regular exercise and grueling workouts.

Sports massage cannot be called a cosmetic or medical procedure. It is not aimed at fighting cellulite or correcting chronic diseases. But everyone who wants to achieve excellent results during training will find something special in it. It can be global – directed to the whole body, or local – carried out in separate areas. The execution technique largely depends on the tasks set.

Duration 60 min

Anti-cellulite massage

Almost every woman is familiar with cellulite. Its cunning lies in the fact that getting rid of him is almost impossible. However, you can achieve smooth skin when nothing else helps: anti-cellulite massage.

Anti-cellulite massage is an effect on the skin with special massage movements. Since cellulite is still a consequence of poor blood circulation, massage helps to accelerate the flow of blood and lymph, rid fat cells of fluid and break them down.

Anti-cellulite massage is recommended not only for those who want to get rid of cellulite, but also for those who want to prevent it, get rid of fat deposits in problem areas, improve the condition of the skin (not only on the thighs, but, for example, on the face),

 Duration 60 min

Body sculpting massage

Modeling massage is one of the most effective ways to tidy up your figure without resorting to exhausting diets; heavy training, injection cosmetology services and plastic surgeons. This massage restores elasticity and smoothness to the skin, allows you to correct the contours of the figure.

This method is also called manual correction, since it is performed by hand without the use of additional devices. Modeling massage improves the outflow of lymph and blood circulation, which makes it possible to get rid of edema, the “orange peel” effect, allows you to accelerate cell metabolism and restore the skin to a healthy color. At the same time, not only the figure changes, the procedure has a positive effect on the general well-being. In the body, internal forces are mobilized, fatigue and tension from the body go away, vigor appears instead, and mood improves.

Duration 150 min

Balinese massage

Balinese massage combines several oriental massage techniques at once. It guarantees a relaxing effect and oxygenates the skin, muscles and internal organs. The effect of the procedure is complex, it affects not only muscle tone. Negative emotional states and stress are removed, memory improves, immunity increases.

Traditional Balinese massage is done using coconut oil. During the procedure, the master uses pressing, patting and rubbing effects of the elbows and inner surfaces of the palms. With his thumbs, he acts on biologically important points of the body, starting the recovery process. This triggers the blood supply to the internal organs and muscle tissues, blood also enters the skin.

The intensive blood flow ensures oxygenation of the tissues and relieves muscle tension. Balinese massage differs from classical Thai massage by softness and smoothness.

Duration 60 min

Hot stone massage

This is one of the types of Thai massage, where the main role is assigned to hot stones. The massage is aimed at deep and complete working out of large muscles, in particular the back, neck, legs.

Basalt stones retain heat for a long time, which helps to relax muscles, soften tissues, and warm the body. Neutral and aromatic oils are used for massage. When large muscles are warmed up, rapid relaxation occurs, getting rid of tightness and tension.

Hot stone massage as a therapy has an impressive history of clinical research, which proves its benefits. It has been shown to be effective in relieving pain in arthritis, improves conditions with impaired limb mobility, which positively affects the quality of life.

Duration 70 min

Hot sand massage (Psammotherapy)

Psammotherapy is based on the remarkable property of sand to retain heat and slowly release it to the surface of the human body. Dry hot sand has a thermal and mechanical effect on the body. Gradual and uniform heating of the body promotes vasodilation, improves blood supply to tissues and organs, and activates biochemical processes.

The high hygroscopicity of the sand contributes to the good tolerance of psammotherapy. The sweat released by heat exposure to the body is instantly absorbed by the sand. This reduces the effect of the high temperature to which the skin is exposed and protects the body from overheating. During the treatment procedure, the temperature of the sand adjacent to the skin is 37-38 ° C and is perceived by a person as indifferent, although in the upper layer the sand can have a temperature of 45-50 ° C.

 The heated sand, anatomically hugging body parts, gently massages the skin and underlying tissues; during a psammotherapy session, a person experiences a feeling of pleasant warmth, relaxed rest, and mild drowsiness.

By heating tissues for a long time and irritating skin receptors, hot sand causes a favorable response from the nervous, vascular and other systems of the body and has various physiological and therapeutic effects on the body.

 Duration 60 min

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