Aether Clinic's vision is to provide a comprehensive solution to all of our clients' problems. We will help you not only to eliminate your aesthetic problem, but also to find and solve its cause. The doctors at our clinic provide advice in dermatology, trichology, aesthetic dermatology, oncodermatology, phlebology and nutrition.

Our clinic uses an integrated approach to solve aesthetic and dermatology concerns of our patients. The use of extended treatment protocols and combined therapies helps us achieve significant and long lasting results. Our approach is based on qualitative diagnostics and building an individual treatment plan. Keeping of individuality and naturalness is the most important principle of our doctors’ work.

A pre-treatment consultation is important for all our new patients to ensure that we can prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you. Our doctors assess each case individually to understand what factors are underlying the conditions we will to treat.

The consultation process includes a detailed medical history, skin health analysis, setting up your aesthetic goals and objectives, photographic evaluation and personalized treatment plan. We take great care to understand your concerns and evaluate the root causes. We will tell you about treatment choices, pros, cons, contraindications and alternatives. You will have ample opportunity to discuss possible treatment in a supportive environment.

Our dermatologists

All our doctors provide expert consultations for skin problems such as inflammatory diseases (including acne, eczema, rosacea, allergic diseases, psoriasis), oncological diseases (malignant pigment spots, skin cancer, melanoma), hair and nail growth disorders. You may consult skin problems not only of adults but also of children.

Dermatological consultation - 1000 czk

  • Complex consultation of the patient’s dermatological condition
  • Plan of appropriate treatment plan
  • Individual recommendation for products and cosmetics
  • Request form for blood tests
  • Prescriptions

Online consultation - 600 czk

  • Suggestion of appropriate solutions and treatment plan
  • Recommendation for home skin care
  • Recommendation for products and cosmetics

Our nutritionists

Our nutritionists provide expert advice on diet and nutrition, but also on losing weight and body contouring. They teach the principles of clean eating and self-care for better health and productivity. They will also perform a body analysis based on your bioimpedance and tailor your diet and recommend an exercise plan accordingly.

Consultation with a nutritional therapist - 1500 czk

  • Consultation of the current lifestyle and basic education about healthy lifestyle
  • BIA body analysis (bioimpedanceometry)
  • Nutrition and exercise plan recommendations
  • Recommendations regarding further treatments and solutions

Online consultation with a nutritional therapist - 890 czk

  • Consultation of the current lifestyle and basic education about healthy lifestyle
  • Nutrition and exercise plan recommendations tailored individually
  • Recommendations regarding further treatments and solutions

Consultation with doc.MUDr. František Novák, PhD. - 2500 czk

  • Consultation of Associate Professor of Internal Medicine with a specialization in clinical nutrition and intensive metabolic care doc.MUDr. František Novák, PhD.

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