Spa Programs

Selected Aether Spa Programs combine the best practises of massage, sound and smell therapy, and natural spa cosmetics for amazing relax or energising experience.

Perfect silhouette

The program includes Styx cool and hot wrap and one hour of anti-cellulite massage. During the treatment you will feel soft heat, alternating with pleasant coolness, a surge of strength and energy. Styx wrapping helps reduce body fat and cellulite, strengthening blood vessels, reduce appetite, effectively detox the skin, prevent and reduce appearance of stretch marks, improve skin tone. The sessions of body wraps in combination with anti-cellulite massages give amazing results for body shaping.

As a result tighten, lifted and elastic skin, without effect of “orange peel”.


Polynesian journey

Polynesia brings to mind a calm and transparent sea, sweet-scented flora, Monoi oil… and bodies caressed by the sun. The ambience of these paradisiacal islands is a temptation to take time for oneself, allowing to relax and experience renovating rituals.  

The spa program allows to achieve deep relaxation of body and muscles. Subcutaneous microcirculation is improving, mineral balance is restoring. Unique ingredients help strengthen and rejuvenate the skin.

Skin becomes elastic and tighten, its protective features are enhanced.

Journey to Amazonia

The spa program includes Thalion chocolate wrap and one hour of Balinese massage. Chocolate wrap actively restores strength and energy. The self-heating seaweeds, what are included in the wrap, bring pleasant warmth that improves the penetration of healthy ingredients. In the ritual are used extracts of Amazonian fruits, pepper, cocoa, ginseng extract, Brazil nut oil. The natural antioxidants tone up, protect, regenerate the skin.

After spa program your lipolysis and metabolic processes are activated, skin is elastic and glow, and you mood is up.


The Silk spa program includes rice wrapping Olos and classic massage.

This delicate treatment is perfectly fit for sensitive skin. Rice wrapping helps to burn body fat, reduces cellulite, helps in a comprehensive fight against the over weight. The treatment restores skin elasticity and moisturizes it. In addition, rice wrapping helps rejuvenate the skin and prevent the ageing.

As a result the skin is moisturized and nourished, the silhouette is sculpted, skin produces elastin, which contributes to its youth, firmness and elasticity.

Vital Energy

The spa program includes spa ritual by Dibi Milano and classic healing massage, what allows you to fully enjoy time alone with yourself. The set of active ingredients is picked up that the ritual has a quick and expressed effect, meanwhile remaining relaxing and comfortable. Swiss pine extract helps soothe the skin, filling it with energy. Hemp oil contains a large amount of essential fat acids, which are known as powerful antioxidants. Aloe extract is known for its soothing and moisturizing features.

The ritual moisturizes and soothes the skin, restores the balance, deeply purifies and gives a feeling of freshness, lightness and youth. All steps of the program bring you a pleasant feeling, restore your physical and emotional state, relieve tension and stress.


Re Shi Anmo

Stone therapy is a special massage technique using various of natural stones, based on the method of thermo therapy – the alternation of hot and cold stones. Born by the earth, sanded by water, sun and wind, stones are a source of natural energy.

Therapy is combined with aroma oils (by your choice) eliminates tension and stress, eliminates negative energy, improves metabolism, activates the endocrine and immune system, relieves pain, provides a complete relaxation.

Price list

Anti-cellulite massages 5x + styx wraps 5x (anti-cellulite program) - 24500 CZK
Extra použití kosmetického přípravku - 500 CZK

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