Valmont skincare treatments

Since its creation, Valmont has dedicated its savoir-faire to the field of anti-aging, offering professional treatments that combine expertise, high-performance products and precise gestures. Featuring unique and exclusive care rituals, Valmont treatments stand out from all others thanks to the “butterfly motion” that sets the tone for each program.
A world away from traditional beauty care, Valmont treatments are composed like a symphony. Each beauty ritual benefits from its own iconic treatment, with a name inspired by the brand’s Swiss heritage.
Source of Bisses, Vitality of the Glaciers, Brightness of Ice… Lose yourself in a journey of initiation and travel to the heart of Valmont’s homeland.

Valmont Rituals

Hydration ritual

Source of Bisses

The skin is perfectly hydrated, plumped and smoothed. Features are smoothed out and signs of fatigue erased.

This treatment was designed from examining an irrigation system called ‘Bisses’ that is used by mountain dwellers in the Valais region of Switzerland. Valmont brings this ancestral irrigation technique to the skin. A moisturizing bath, Source of Bisses quenches even the thirstiest skins. Filled with water, the skin comes back to life and the dermis becomes plump, smoothing wrinkles and dehydration lines. An essential treatment, it leaves the skin as fresh as the morning dew.

Energy ritual

Vitality of the Glaciers

The skin is regenerated, radiant and firmer. A vital treatment for overstrained, lifeless skin.

The first of the Valmont treatments, Vitality of the Glaciers quickly became an icon. It has accompanied the brand since 1985 and reflects the technical prowess of the Swiss anti-aging expert. A beauty booster, this cabin treatment stimulates the skin’s energy and cell renewal – both of which diminish over time. After the treatment, the complexion is once again fresh and radiant, features are relaxed, and the skin has never been fuller.

Price list

Hydration ritual Source of Bisses - 4000 CZK
Radiance ritual Brightness of Ice - 4500 CZK
Lines&Volumes ritual Summit of the Cervin - 5000 CZK
Energy ritual Vitality of the Glaciers - 4000 CZK

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