Photo fractional rejuvenation

Photofractional rejuvenation allows you to replace old cell structures with new ones, which contain a sufficient amount of collagen and elastin. The procedure is popular for its effectiveness and rapid achievement of results. The technique is suitable not only for women with age-related skin changes, but also for young girls with epidermal defects.

What problems does it solve (testimony)?

Of the modern hardware methods, photofractional rejuvenation provides a unique opportunity to solve a wide range of problems in one session. One device removes pigmentation and corrects vascular defects, remodels the dermis, correction of wrinkles and scars, narrowing pores, removing oily sheen, and tightening of the skin.

How is the procedure going?

Photofractional technology can be described as a comprehensive non-surgical rejuvenation. This is a completely unique procedure combining phototherapy (IPL module) and fractional laser (ResurFX module). It is performed on the multifunctional modular system M22 LUMENIS, which replaces a whole clinic of hardware technology.During the procedure, two technologies are simultaneously applied: skin grinding IPL and ResurFX for processing skin tone and texture. None of the well-known non-invasive technologies guarantees such effective, long-term improvement of the skin structure as the IPL rejuvenation program. The essence of the technique is the impact of pulsed light on collagen fibers, energy heats it and stimulates compaction. The result is tightened skin, smooth and healthy complexion, and improved skin structure.The ResurFX fractional laser stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic fibers in the deep layers of the skin. Wrinkles are smoothed, scars are corrected, the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic. This method, which combines photorejuvenation, phototherapy and fractional laser rejuvenation, provides a lasting result of renewed skin.


When will I see the results?

After the first session, you can begin to notice an improvement in skin tone. As a rule, about 3 sessions are required to visibly improve skin texture. Optimal results are usually achieved after 2-5 sessions with an interval of 2-6 weeks. The face takes on a completely new look: wrinkles are smoothed out, the face tone is smoothed out, the pores are narrowed, the tone is increased and a clear outline appears. Within six months after the procedure, improvements can be seen.


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